RunnerCard Cross Country Timing and Scoring System

The popular RunnerCard Timing and Scoring system is now available for purchase!  Our system was designed by race directors and runners to provide fast and accurate results.  It is frustrating for runners to wait sometimes for hours after the race to receive their time, place and team score.  The RunnerCard Timing system produces our RunnerCard personal result card, ready to be delivered to the runners as they exit the finish chute!  The RunnerCard Timing System integrates easily with the RunnerCard Web Registration System.

RunnerCard Web Registration is the system to collect the registration information for your event.  This is a professional method of collecting the registration data for your cross country meet.  Coaches can register any time at their convenience.  They can also go back and make any changes to their registration, providing for accurate registration information.  When registration is finished, download the list of athletes and their teams, along with the race that they have been registered into.  From within the RunnerCard Timing System, select the option to download a meet.  Enter the Username and Password and your meet appears in the system with full events, settings and registration.  The cost of the registration system has been designed to be very reasonable to help meets with their budget.  Read more about RunnerCard Web.

Meet Management

The RunnerCard Cross Country Timing and Scoring System contains all of the features needed to time your cross country or road race.

1. The system includes a professional timing interface that will record all of the finisher times, and
2. The system will print our signature RunnerCard.  The RunnerCard, a personal result card containing the athlete's name, time, overall place and current team position, is a most impressive service to provide at your cross country meet.   It makes your event stand apart from all others.  In addition, this system records multiple times for each runner, including select times, allowing for correction of operator errors, thus providing a greater degree of accuracy to your results. 

The full system includes all of the features of the Lite system, including the following features:
1. Accept the registration information from the web site along with the event structure and parameters.
2. Print start lists for each race.
3. Print an athlete label for each competitor.
4. Print pre-race reports.
5. Print an athlete bar code label for each competitor,
6. Print declaration sheets for championship events and
7. Print race rosters by team.
Data Entry
1. Accept a finish time for each runner using the keyboard. 
2. Accept a finish time data upload from the new Ultrac 499.
3. Accept the bib numbers entered through the keyboard in finish order.
4. Record multiple finish times for each finisher of every race, including select times, allowing for correction of operator errors,
5. Accept input from the bar code reader.
1. Print results for each race in the meet to a printer.
2. Print results to the web. 
3. Print a result page that combines the results of more than one race.
4. Time and score races that overlap, all using a single finish chute,
5. Time and score races that are run simultaneously,
6. Print our signature RunnerCard for each finisher, ready to be distributed at the end of the finish chute,
7. Print Team Analysis results, comparing the results of the various teams,
8. Display current team results as the runners finish on the computer screen,
9. Provide a feed to a scoreboard, displaying current team results as the runners finish.

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We are very excited to add these great additions to our services.  

The RunnerCard Timing System is a powerful and versatile timing and scoring system.

RunnerCard was called "the best computer software [the coaches] have ever seen!"
Rich Morales, Meet Director, Inland Empire Championships.

Use the RunnerCard Timing and Scoring System for your meets! 

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