Worker Access Bib collection help page

This feature allows a worker to record that the bib number of a runner that has been collected. It allows for a record of who has received their bib number/race packet and who still needs to collect their number/packet.

When distributing the numbers/packets, it is most helpful to request each person to review the information on the bib number label for accuracy. If there is anything that is not correct: race, gender, spelling of the name, and such, the Registration option in the Worker Access area can be used to edit the participant information. It is also helpful to request that each runner wear the bib number on the front of the shirt to facilitate accurate timing at the race.

Enter the number of the bib that has been collected. The system will display the name and race of that runner, as a help to verify that the correct number has been entered. If an incorrect number has been entered, entering a number the second time will mark that number as uncollected, allowing for undoing that entry.

This feature is most popular with races that have early bib or packet collection before the day of the race. The worker would type the number of the bib and hit the enter key. When the system has the information of which numbers have been collected and which numbers still need to be collected, a message can be e-mailed to only those runners that still need to collect their bib number.