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  2009 Boy Scout / YW Track Meet
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  • Location:    Brigham Young University Smith Field House, Provo, UT.   
  • Date: February 21, 2009 @ 9:00 am.
  • Gender: Male & Female
  • Each team is allowed  unlimited number of entries in the meet
  • Each athlete is allowed to sign up in 3 events

    Meet Director Contact Information:
      Name: Doug Padilla
      Phone: 801-226-3758
      Cell Phone: 801-367-6578
      Email: doug_padilla@byu.edu

    Note From Meet Director:
    Welcome to the Boy Scout/YW Track Meet Registration site! For registration instructions, click on the Schedule link above.

    Thanks for registering. Please enter your information early, which will allow us to better plan and organize the meet. Registration will close no earlier than Friday, February 20th at 11:00 p.m. MST. All registration must be entered before that time. If you registered as a team and need to modify any of your registration information, please come back to the site and make the changes before the deadline. Changes and registration can be made at any time up until the registration deadline, after which the site will be locked to process the entries.

    Please pre-register!
    There will be no registration the morning of the meet.

    team nameathparrel
    Individual Registrations000
    Aspen 5th260
    Cherry Hill 1st7190
    CHERRY HILL 2nd5110
    Cherry Hill 3rd5150
    Cherry Hill 7th 5131
    Cherry Hill 9th4110
    Lakeview 2nd 223
    Lakeview 2nd Ward7171
    Lakeview 3rd13262
    Lakeview 8th277716
    Orem Park 6th120
    Orem Sunset Heights 5th8191
    Pella 1 Ward4100
    Provo 4th120
    sunset 5th ward varsities4123
    Sunset Heights 8th110
    Timpview 1st Ward110
    Timpview 2nd4120
    Timpview 2nd130
    ath: # of athletes attending meet
    par: total # of participations for team
    rel: # of relay teams
    event namepar
    Beehive 1 Mile (F)6
    Beehive 2 mile (F)4
    Beehive 400 M (F)7
    Beehive 60 M (F)12
    Beehive High Jump (F)4
    Beehive Javelin Throw (F)6
    Beehive Long Jump (F)8
    Beehive Shot Put (F)8
    Laurel 1 Mile (F)4
    Laurel 2 Mile (F)3
    Laurel 400 M (F)4
    Laurel 60 M (F)3
    Laurel High Jump (F)4
    Laurel Javelin Throw (F)3
    Laurel Long Jump (F)2
    Laurel Shot Put (F)3
    MIA-Maid 1 Mile (F)4
    MIA-Maid 2 Mile (F)2
    MIA-Maid 400 M (F)3
    MIA-Maid 60 M (F)4
    MIA-Maid High Jump (F)6
    MIA-Maid Javelin Throw (F)3
    MIA-Maid Long Jump (F)6
    MIA-Maid Shot Put (F)4
    Scouts 1 Mile (M)7
    Scouts 2 Mile (M)4
    Scouts 400 M (M)7
    Scouts 60 M (M)8
    Scouts High Jump (M)8
    Scouts Javelin Throw (M)14
    Scouts Long Jump (M)16
    Scouts Shot Put (M)6
    Varsity 1 Mile (M)6
    Varsity 2 Mile (M)4
    Varsity 400 M (M)7
    Varsity 60 M (M)12
    Varsity High Jump (M)6
    Varsity Javelin Throw (M)10
    Varsity Long Jump (M)12
    Varsity Shot Put (M)8
    Venture 1 Mile (M)9
    Venture 2 Mile (M)9
    Venture 400 M (M)9
    Venture 60 M (M)11
    Venture High Jump (M)8
    Venture Javelin Throw (M)9
    Venture Long Jump (M)13
    Venture Shot Put (M)7
    Beehive 4x88 M Relay (F)4
    Laurel 4x88 M Relay (F)1
    MIA-Maid 4x88 M Relay (F)4
    Scout/Beehive Youth/Leader 4x100M-2 youth (m&f)-2 leaders-(m&f) (C)3
    Scouts 4x88 M Relay (M)1
    Varsity 4x88 M Relay (M)4
    Varsity/MIA-Maid Youth/Leader 4x100M-2 youth (m&f)-2 leaders-(m&f) (C)5
    Venture 4x88M Relay (M)3
    Venture/Laurel Youth/Leader 4x100M-2 youth (m&f)-2 leaders-(m&f) (C)2
    par: # of participations for event
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