Worker Access

2024 Ute Stampede 5K

This feature allows you to grant limited access to one or more of your workers so that they can help with the race. The password to enter this area is saved in the Event Information section of the race director account. It is toward the bottom under Display Options and is titled: Worker Access.

This area allows access to:

  • Registration Management, a list of all participants with the option to edit the information for any runner or to enter a new runner.
  • Bib Labels & Participant Report, the controls to print the bib labels in preparation for preparing the bib numbers for the race, and the option to print the Participant Report.
  • Bib Collection, a feature that allows a worker to record the bib number of a runner that has collected their bib number.
  • Live Registrations, a place to view the most recent runners that have registered immediately after they have registered.
  • Announcer View, is a view for your announcer. It displays the bib number, name, Affiliation, City/State, Time, and Race of the runners that are approaching the finish line.
  • Registration QR Code, a feature to create a QR code that will direct your participants to the registration page. This option will create a document that you can print. It will include a QR code that your runners can scan on their phone. It will take them to the main registration web page for your race, where they can register for the race or meet. You might want to print and display multiple copies.

Please enter Worker Access password